How do I get remote support on my laptop when out in the field?

Download the Support Tool: Avery Remote Support Tool
When you run the program select IT Support 1 to make the connection during normal office hours. After hours you’ll select IT Support 3. Unless otherwise instructed. Please contact tech support before initiating a remote session.

Call or Email Tech Support.  770.642.6100 x202 or

I have an Avery Email account other than an email address – do I still have webmail?

Yes – Access your secure webmail account here: Avery WebMail  < Click the link and bookmark the page

Log in with your full email address and password. You’ll have 3 software apps to choose from at the login screen. Try them out and if you like one more than others you can select it as the default.

How do I configure my email on my mobile device?

Download the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play or App Store. It’s very easy to set up. Once you open it, you need only put in your full email address and password and it will setup the account for you.

Someone shared a file or folder with me on Office 365, I don’t have a license. Can I still access it?

Yes. Even if you don’t have MS Office licenses and someone shares a file or folder with you, you can access and edit the file. In the email you received –  click the link for the file or folder – if you don’t have an account yet – you’ll be prompted to create one. Using the email address where you received the invitation create a Microsoft account. Once logged in with your new account you will be able to read the file and if you’ve been given edit permissions you will be able to edit the file using the online office apps right in your web browser.

My files are in OneDrive – How do I send a file as an attachment in an email?

When you attach a OneDrive file in an email in Outlook, click the down arrow next to the attachment and select ‘Attach as copy’. Then your file will be sent instead of a link to the file in OneDrive.

How do I get Microsoft Office on my PC?

MS Office licenses are only for those with email addresses. If you have one – login using that info @ and once logged in you’ll see the link at the top right ‘Install Office 2016’ Click that and install it.

If you don’t have an email address and you need office – please consult with your manager and if you do need it – ask your manager to contact our IT dept. to get it set up.

How do I get Remote Viewer Host working again?

To get remote viewer host running again:

1. Hit the Windows/Start button and then click Programs (it may say Apps
instead) in the pop up menu. Scroll down to Remote Viewer – Host

Expand that and click Start Host. (This may fix the problem – if not please continue)

Navigate back to the same place and then click Settings for Host. That will bring up a small window. Click Settings for Host and from the dropdown menu choose Internet ID Connection Settings.
If there is no number there click Get ID. Once a number appears copy that to send to support.

2. Click setting for host again and this time select Security. There will be two password boxes > below that – click Change Password and type a password into both boxes > then click ok and send the password to support with the ID number from the previous step.

My HP laptop won’t turn on – What can I do?

If your laptop has a removable battery, remove it and unplug the pc. After a few seconds – replace the battery, plug it in and press power button. If no removable battery or it still won’t come on. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Let go of the button and if it doesn’t come on right away press the power button once normally and it will turn back on. If it doesn’t – contact support.

My Office Phone is dropping calls – What can I do?

If your having issues with your office phone in the corporate office, please note the time, the number you called, or called you & your extension number. Then pass that info along to Toni and the issue will be reported.

You can download the Phone Error Log here.